(May 2011)


Torino - May 24 & 26

Visit to the former capital of the Kings of Sardinia, Princes in Piemont and Dukes in Savoy, with my mother and John Keating, sw. We especially enjoyed the Superga basilica dominating the city, the Saint Martyrs church where is buried my ancestor Joseph de Maistre, the Egyptian museum, the second best in the world after Cairo, and the cathedral where a copy of Michelangelo's Last Supper is shown.


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Royal castle - Racconigi - May 25

This is where the last king of Italy, Umberto II (1904-1983), was born. The external aspect of this castle is heavy, but there are gorgeous rooms, furniture and paintings inside, and the gardens are worth strolling in. John Keating, Terry and I visited this unusual place with much pleasure.


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Stork center - Racconigi - May 25

Created in 1985, this European white stork center has mission to offer a protected site for the reproduction of storks, ducks and other marsh birds threatened with extinction.


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Cremona, Verona, Padua - May 27 & 28

Visiting Cremona, the place where the famous Stradivarius violins come from, passing by the Garda Lake, strolling through Verona and admiring its many works of art, and stopping in Padua where Giotto painted famous frescoes.


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Venice - May 29

A unique day in on the occasion of John Keating's birthday during his sabbatical time in Italy


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Mantua, Parma - May 30

Our last day with John Keating discovering two lesser know cities of Northern Italy, and very much enjoying seeing much less tourists there!


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