There are people passionate about genealogy in most families, and almost at each generation. Life may seem, or may not completely seem to be « a long calm river », yet it seems natural that from time to time someone standing on the edge of this long river ask himself the question: « Where does it come from, this river flowing here under my eyes? »


I am among such people. So was at my current generation the late and much missed Régis Angleys (1951-2014). At the previous generation there were my own father, Maurice Angleys (1913-1984), and his 2nd cousin Jacques Angleys (1918-1997). And at the previous generation there was my grand-father Jean Angleys (1877-1955), and earlier his great uncle Auguste Angleys (1854-1917), etc.


I would like that a maximum of people be in a position to appreciate what I found out and what I continue to find about the Angleys family. It is for this reason that I include on this website my work-in-process documents, indicating the latest date they have been updated. Among these, there are true genealogy trees drawn from civilian registers, and also notary records or family anecdotes dug out from hours and hours of research. Some documents are incomplete, but I’d rather have you discover their existence and what they contain thus far.


And then on my mother's side, Agnès de Maistre, born in 1921, or on my paternal grand-mother's side, Marie de Buttet (1877-1966), there are other genealogical finds that are also very interesting. Whenever I will have them worked out, I will add them to this site.

These documents will regularly be updated as I make new discoveries or on the basis of communications you might have with me in order to correct them or supplement them.


I hope you will quietly stroll back with me to the upper reaches of the long river, and we will admire together unsuspected scenes. Happy reading! (that is, if you read French, for the time being :-)


Pierre X. Angleys