Travel into South America

(November 2010 - January 2011)


After Rio and the incredible Iguassu water falls in Brazil and Argentina, Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Patagonia, we went through mythical Ushuaia to the end of the South American continent, down to Cape Horn, and then followed Darwin's navigation route to Chile. Then followed hikes in the Torres del Paine National Park, a return to road #40 in Argentina, following northward the East of the Andes mountains till Bariloche, then crossing them back into Chile through the lake region (Puerto Varas). Having thus met guanacos, rheas, penguins and condors, we flew North to Santiago, and from there to Easter Island. So much calm and exoticism in this island 2300 miles from the nearest cost!


Much solitude was also found next in the deserts of Atacama, North of Chile, followed by volcanoes, high plateaus and salt flats of Bolivia, with vicuñas, ibis and pink flamingos, before falling back (so to speak - at 12 000 feet) in the crowds of the city of La Paz, where we celebrated Christmas in the most suitable way: peacefully! Then came lake Titicaca and its artificial islands made out of reeds, Cuzco and its Inca walls, the astonishing buried city of Machu Picchu, before flying off to a cruise - on week into the Galapagos. The iguana swims there with the sea lion, the shark with the marine turtle, and the blue footed booby nests besides the albatross, it was truly paradisiac, only missing was the wolf laying by the lamb!


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