In the spring of 2005 I left my home in Veigy-Foncenex (Haute-Savoie) on foot and walked as a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela. And I suggest you do a bit of this walk with me, a bit of pilgrimage.


The pictures you are going to see are not necessarily shown in chronological order, but they were taken on the trail and will illustrate the retrospective thoughts I am going to share with you.


To access travelogue, click on the following titles

Let’s go! Retrospective Walking Young Traps Companions Vessel Pilgrimage Praying pattern Praying method Cloister Accommodation Wrestling with yourselves Hurting Cursing Remedy Solitude at night Solution Encounters Easier walk Promiscuity Sharing Sympathizing Additional encounters New friendhsips First friendship Second friendship Care and help Examples Respect and love Finding God in others Finding God in surroundings Medieval pilgrims Modern age pilgrims Reaching Santiago Compostela Pursuing to Fisterra Back to Compostela Goodbyes Back home Camino’s richness Thanks Camino’s lessons








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