Because I would never have written this virtual pilgrimage without having his book D.I.E.U. sauveguide ? [G.O.D. save guide ?], my first thanks go to its author, Guy Trainar. On several occasions concerned at not being able to accept the same conclusions as he in certain areas, I wrote to Guy and even telephoned to ask him for his reaction and solicit his permission to publish my reflections on my website. Guy never vacillated in his direct and immediate response: “Do as you like!”


I greatly appreciated the exchange I was able to have with Guy. I have the impression of course to know him much more intimately than was the case before reading this last book, although Miel de sapin [Fir honey] and Papillon d’Afrique [Butterfly in Africa], his two preceding works, had already taught me much, about his way of thinking and his capacity to observe in an amused way what surrounded him. I am impatient to meet him again to have long discussions about our virtual experiences, and mutually encourage each other in always wanting to go forward in our comprehension of the Reverse and Right sides!


Then I also thank my dear wife Terry who skillfully took on the challenging task of translating into English, with the American style that she has known from her childhood, my rhetoric quite difficult to reproduce in another language. From one language to another, there are untranslatable plays on words. One must try to transmit by other plays on words of a similar nature. Terry buckled down to it and appears to have succeeded, since I’ve received compliments from across the Atlantic. Thank you, faithful companion!


Former work colleagues and childhood friends have been kind enough since the publication of my first stages to indicate to me some corrections to make, either from the point of view of spelling, or grammar. I especially thank Édouard Sommer and Christian Coutagne for their contributions.


Finally, I must say, especially, I am most grateful to my niece Ann Laure who has remanié reworked my site initially constructed by my son Nicolas, and who has patiently transferred to this site the stages of this pilgrimage, accepted hundreds of changes that I imposed on her in the course of my progression, without ever balking nor complaining. She has done astonishing work, and I cannot thank her enough! Bravo Perlipopette!